Our history

ER2i engineering is an engineering and contracting company based in Grenoble, Lyon, Paris, and Tunis, which specialize in highs standards buildings and structures. We are known on both national and international levels, as a main actor of the construction sector for specific and innovative markets.

Our fields of activity are : pharmaceutical industry, life sciences, health care, research and laboratories, industrial and mountain facilities. Their common factor : a high level of requirement.

Our reactivity and versatility enables us to engage in everything from an audit or analysis through conception and realization until the implementation of your project.


Thanks to Its built-in capacities, ER2i ingénierie can propose global solutions for buildings, utilities and process integration as well as to commit on the success of your project.

We belong to Groupe ER2i, which combines several fields of expertise allowing us to propose a complete offer:

Designer and manufacturer Building, environment and industrial processes

Technical engineering & all construction trades General contractor Research & Development

Clean and sterile
process engineering

and maintenance
of clean rooms and controlled environments

Fluids and
environments metrology
Your first-class partner
in ultra-clean qualification

Associate architect Highly complex
and demanding
spaces designer

Our customers