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ER2i engineering is an engineering and contracting company based in Grenoble, Lyon, Paris, and Tunis, which specialize in highs standards buildings and structures. We are known on both national and international levels, as a main actor of the construction sector for specific and innovative markets.

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We offer our expertise and experience in Engineering for customer projects in a wide range of sectors: pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, research laboratories and healthcare.

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As a company specialized in engineering and general contracting, we have acquired through many years of experience a high-level of expertise in constructing high-tech buildings.

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Armed with technical expertise and our professional skillsets, ER2I operates in a variety of fields providing its expertise to many different parties.

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With 50 people split between Grenoble, Lyon, Paris and Tunis, our team operates at both a national and international level. We are specialized in the following sectors: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, research laboratories, healthcare, high-tech and seasonal tourism.

These sectors all have one thing in common: they are highly demanding. Our versatility and responsiveness allow us to assist you from the audit and analysis of your projects to their design, implementation and launch, regardless of their size.

Our tools, methods and involvement ensure that our engineering expertise translates into precision and guaranteed results.

Interested in our skills and know-how?

We belong to Groupe ER2i,

which combines several fields of expertise allowing us to propose a complete offer:

Groupe IDEC

Designer and manufacturer
Building, environment and industrial processes

ER2i Concepteur & Constructeur

Technical engineering
& all construction trades
General contractor
Research & Development

La Salle Propre

Construction and maintenance of clean rooms and controlled environments

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