ER2i Engineering strengthens its economic, civic, social, and societal impact through its undertakings. This approach ensures the sustainability of our relationships with our clients, shareholders, work teams, partners and subcontractors.

In our company, the leaders, and collaborators are aware of the vital importance of mutual respect, and respect for the environment in which we evolve and grow.

1/ A pioneering spirit

ER2i Engineering was founded on the traditions of the “Made in Grenoble” micro-technology pioneers, and is proud of this heritage. These engineers and creators found their ideas and inspiration here, and have nourished our work and objectives. We follow in their footsteps, It is in this spirit of technological advancement and innovation that we intend to continue to evolve, to expand our fields of action.

2/ A duty to succeed

Successfully completing our projects and meeting our commitments, both in terms of deadlines and budgets, is a necessity. Our goal of strengthening the service we provide our clients while continuously improving our efficiency ensures the sustainability of our company.

Ensuring continued success depends on the evolution of our methods.

3/ The means to progress

To preserve and increase the talent of our teams, and to unify the company and team members in a shared dynamic of progress, ER2i Engineering provides the information, training and sensitization required for improvement.

4/ Innovation at the company’s core

Innovation is and must remain more than a business vision: it is a state of mind. This search for innovation can be technological, social or societal. But it does not overshadow other commitments, the need for safety and success. Innovation is not an end in itself, but is a vision shared by the teams and thus creates an environment in which each individual can invent.

5/ Active listening

Everyone in the company contributes to everyone else’s success. Each member of the company should put their ideas and observations to good use and share them with their colleagues to improve the quality of the work and the company’s performance. Attentive listening is the first level of respect and sharing.

6/ Respect and responsibility

ER2i Engineering respects and promotes commitments to non-discrimination in the context of the company, and expects that the ethics of good manners and mutual respect be practiced. This ethic is the work of each individual and is everybody’s responsibility.

ER2i is committed to 8 points that reflect the company’s values:

  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Reactivity
  • Responsibility
  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Open-mindedness