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Our project

The goal of ER2I is to bring people together and develop industrial construction techniques that can meet the strictest requirements and constraints.

With our team spirit, rigor and creativity, we are looking to the future to embrace the challenge of innovation.

Our History

ER2I is first and foremost a team that includes dedicated and passionate people. Our complementary teams are skilled in all areas of construction. This synergy was born from our history.

Since the company’s founding in 2003, we have worked on engineering mountain and high-tech facilities. While fairly different, these two sectors do have one thing in common: a high-level of involvement from the teams to meet strict requirements.

We have developed reliable competitive advantages:

An integrated R&D department with cutting-edge development tools supporting our design teams

Innovation enhanced by our advanced methods

A multi-sectorial and transverse construction approach

Recognized expertise in the areas of critical conditions and controlled environments

Our know-how used in project realisation

A quality system focusing on service and progress

ER2i relies on its internal capabilities to propose comprehensive and multi-specialized solutions while being committed to the success of your projects from design to start-up.

In order to offer a complete skilled team, the ER2i company has join forces with :

LSP La Salle Propre, cleanrooms and controlled environments construction and mainteance.

Métrogis, Fluids metrology and environments

Our cluster network

We are very active with competitiveness clusters in various fields of activities.
Thanks to our transversal approach, we are able to bring our multi-specialist skills to the various companies in these clusters.

Our team – Human expertise

We have a full team of manageable size

Through additional training, cutting-edge tools and new challenges, the continuous development of our workforce is our constant goal.

With the skills and expertise of our engineers and technicians, we have the know-how to take on large and complex projects (projects of different sizes and different levels and types of complexity) and come up with optimal solutions.

50 people ready to work with you

25 OPQIBI qualifications (the French engineering qualification body) for their technical skills and expertise

We provide you with an integrated, professional and responsive team that will be able to entirely your projects and provide you with optimized solutions that meet your expectations.

Deployed in our facilities and organized around common methods, we choose our teams so as to ensure proactivity and precision.

We can guarantee the quality of our services because we have an organization that meets your requirements, regardless of the project type, set-up or outcome.

A business organization by profession, brought together by hands-on managers

An organization by field, with specialists who ensure the technical development of our company and our team knowledge diffusion

An organization by activity, with operational design or implementation – the challenges continue to evolve, such as in the knowledge required and, consequently, the different counterparts and managers as well

Our values

ER2I strengthens its economic, civic and societal ties through its commitments. This approach ensures the longevity of its relationships with its customers, shareholders, work teams, partners and providers.

Our company and employees are mindful of their responsibility to ensure mutual respect is shown between all parties involved and toward the environment in which they are working and growing.

ER2i Engineering was founded on the traditions of the “Made in Grenoble” micro-technology pioneers, and is proud of this heritage. These engineers and creators found their ideas and inspiration here, and have nourished our work and objectives. We follow in their footsteps, It is in this spirit of technological advancement and innovation that we intend to continue to evolve, to expand our fields of action.

Successfully completing our projects and meeting our commitments, both in terms of deadlines and budgets, is a necessity. Our goal of strengthening the service we provide our clients while continuously improving our efficiency ensures the sustainability of our company.

Ensuring continued success depends on the evolution of our methods.

To preserve and increase the talent of our teams, and to unify the company and team members in a shared dynamic of progress, ER2i provides the information, training and sensitization required for improvement..

Innovation is and must remain more than a business vision: it is a state of mind. This searching for innovation can be technological, social or societal. But it does not overshadow other commitments, the need for safety and success. Innovation is not an end in itself, but is a vision shared by the teams and thus creates an environment in which each individual can invent.

Everyone in the company contributes to everyone else’s success. Each member of the company should put their ideas and observations to good use and share them with their colleagues to improve the quality of the work and the company’s performance. Attentive listening is the first level of respect and sharing.

ER2i Engineering respects and promotes commitments to non-discrimination in the context of the company, and expects that the ethics of good manners and mutual respect be practiced. This ethic is the work of each individual and is everybody’s responsibility.

ER2i is committed to 8 points that reflect the company’s values:

  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Reactivity
  • Responsibility
  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Open-mindedness

Revenue evolution since 2017

The figures

ER2i Group capital : 600,000 €

ER2i ingénierie capital : 110,000 €

2020 turnover : 12,020,000 €

Total number of employees : 50 people

Distribution of 2020 revenues by area of activity

Export revenues


The ER2i Group is the manifestation of our desire to remain close to our clients. Our growth strategy is expressed in our expanding activity in the Rhône-Alpes and PACA regions, in the Paris region, as well as in the Maghreb.

We work throughout the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) on projects for the health and pharmaceutical industries.

We work hand in hand with our partners worldwide on their technological projects.


Head office – Grenoble

Bâtiment Synergy – ZAC Isiparc
38330 Saint-Ismier

+33 (0)4 76 98 31 82


51-55 Rue Hoche
94200 Ivry-Sur-Seine

+33 (0)1 82 39 00 46


Parc Woodstock Cèdre 3
97 Allée Alexandre Borodine
69800 Saint-Priest

+33(0)4 78 67 35 40

ER2i Tunisie

39 rue du Japon – Immeuble Saf-saf Montplaisir 1073 – Tunis

(+216) 71 906 607