« ER2i Engineering’s goal is to federate people and develop industrial construction techniques that meet the most stringent requirements and constraints.

With our team spirit, our rigor, and our creativity, we proactively respond to the challenge of innovation. »

ER2i Engineering was created in 2003 by Raphael d’Onofrio and Pierre Pastorello.

We are recognized as a major player in construction in challenging and innovative national and international markets.

The key factor in the success of our projects is the quality of our understanding and our ability to define needs, an essential condition guaranteeing the relevance of our solutions.

We have developed reliable competitive advantages:

  • An integrated R&D department with cutting-edge development tools supporting our design teams
  • Innovations enhanced by our advanced methods
  • A multi-sectorial and transverse construction approach
  • Recognized expertise in the areas of critical conditions and controlled environments
  • Our know-how put to use in project realisation
  • A quality system focusing on service and progress


ER2i Engineering relies on its internal capabilities to propose comprehensive, multi-specialized solutions and is committed to the success of your projects from design to start-up.