We are an integrated multidisciplinary engineering firm.

Our business model is based on the quality and comprehensiveness of our resources.

We provide support – in part or in whole – from the design phase (audit, analysis) through the supervision of the project itself.


 We help you set your project parameters and find the solutions that best fit your requirements, optimization and working within your constraints being our main focus.


Our role as engineers is to analyze and integrate your project requirements into a fully optimized solution.

Our comprehensive skills allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs. Our focus on all building trades and professions allows us to be particularly proactive and responsive to interface problems and gives us a real ability to anticipate any needs or issues, which is vital in our field.

Our ability to predict and anticipate is backed by state-of-the-art design tools and predictive models. We infuse this drive for accuracy into our clash detection syntheses created using the BIM digital model. Projects centered on our designs are drawn up well in hand for project supervision and the operational phases.


For building operations or technical or technological construction, we can create, calculate, coordinate and optimize design and project supervision operations.

We capitalize on our ability to respond quickly, providing innovative solutions and using our skills in advance planning for the purely conceptual phases, the preliminary draft work.

We devise Project phases primarily using a common tool, the BIM digital model.

We believe these phases should reflect our commitment to the quality and accuracy of our model.

We also think through the different ways the work will be carried out, its division into phases, and important details not directly associated with the project, such as the storage and handling of materials and equipment, means of access, transitional means -our expertise also includes ensuring the work is properly conducted.

All these aspects can be seen during our supervision work: proactivity supported by our detailed designs, realistic with the operational approach set out in the design phase. This expertise ensures our commitment to your technical, calendar and financial parameters.


Our construction experience and expertise, backed by the quality of our designs and enhanced by our general contractor activity, makes it possible for us to take on an essential role in the project coordination process.


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