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Our general contractor work is a natural next step after our engineering work. This is what sets us apart from other firms.

The success of our turnkey contracts has been built on our quality designs and operational approaches.

This aspect is the foundation of our strategy and economic model for this work.

Adding our general contracting operations to the foundation of our engineering work allows us to:

Minimize design risks

Minimize design risks, thereby safeguarding work performance.

The ins and outs of the operations

Control the ins and outs of the operations, their important phases and milestones that ensure that timeline commitments are respected.

Control operational

Control operational means and organize construction site resources to ensure technical commitments and coordination.

HSE criteria

Verify the HSE criteria of the operation, define the rules and commitments governing the safety of the operation, and provide feedback to ensure safe performance.

Our experience, and that of our teams and identified partners allows us to:


React appropriately and remain on track in within our quality guidelines.


Foster a working environment built on trust.


Move forward while keeping a focus on the project commitments, in the spirit of continuous improvement and optimization

Our ability to design, to anticipate and conduct projects allows us to optimize costs and handle hazards. Our operational organization allows us to safeguard timelines and delivery dates.

Our fundamental values take on their full meaning in this field: needs analysis, consulting work, transparence of recapitalization arrangements for our clients, respect and ethics with our partners, compliance with legal obligations in insurance and bonding insurance, etc.

Our whole organization and our procedures are focused on fulfilling our commitments, guaranteeing results and completing your work..

General Contractor

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