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We design technical areas for healthcare. Technical facilities, operating and hybrid rooms and hospital pharmacotechnical areas and laboratories require a special technical expertise and planning.

Discover our healthcare operations :

Our experience in healthcare

With our hospital experience and our expertise in managing complex projects, we are able to provide our customers with a special skillset.

The core of our work focuses on the functional aspects and on adhering to the standards for these critical areas to comply with the conditions required for the environment.

We make sure that you have the best options for the design, layout and construction of your hospital areas.Our extensive knowledge of different areas and equipment means we can anticipate your constraints and needs and so ensure the performance, ergonomics, easy maintenance and safety of your facilities.

Our expertise

Our technical and organizational tools make it possible for us to meet your needs in terms of design and construction. Our focus on controlled environments in our business provides us with some perspective when approaching all your needs from non-categorized areas to the most critical areas categorized as risk level 4 and enables us to consider the risks associated with each requirement throughout the project.

The technical tools:

  • Revit modelling:The virtual representation of what is going to be built allows us to test and analyze it in real time before starting construction.
  • CFD modelling:This tool enables us to better understand, predict and improve air flow. It helps us identify potential dead zones in order to optimize air flow to avoid any risk of suspended contaminants. (Protection of patients and personnel)
  • Dynamic thermal simulation (DTS) => ensures patient comfort

The organizational tools:

  • DESIGN OFFICE FOR ALL TRADES:Fluids (electricity, speciality fluids and HVAC), Building, Construction Economics and GENERAL CONTRACTING PARTY
  • BIM Manager
  • Our teams operating in the field

Integration of the site’s criticality based on the area of application

Our operations in the hospital sector

The different technical facilities:


Operating and hybrid rooms

  • ER2I Engineering designs and builds environments complying with the conditions of standard NFS 90351.
  • Operating rooms for risk levels 1/2/3/4
  • Expertise in laminar flow in the operating room
  • Hybrid room creation – interventional imaging
  • Hygienist, biomedical and end-user interface
  • Operating facility and post-anesthesia care unit (PACU)
  • Aspergillus risk management


  • ER2I Engineering is a specialist in designing and building laboratories in the hospital sector. We create projects that are adapted, designed and constructed based on your needs.

Imaging room (MRI, CT Scan)

Hospital pharmacotechnical areas

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