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High-Tech and Microelectronics

High tech is deeply rooted in ER2I Engineering’s DNA

Discover our High Tech and microelectronics operations :

Our Experience

High tech is deeply rooted in ER2I Engineering’s DNA. With more than 15 years of experience, our level of expertise offers our customers a service based on excellence for designing and building cleanrooms.
Whether it is a controlled atmosphere area according to ISO8 or using laminar flow according to ISO3, we are able to offer our customers the best possible cleanroom environment for their current and future processes and to anticipate all the constraints involved: ICPE constraints (French acronym for facilities classified for environmental practices), ATEX constraints (French acronym for equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres), speciality gases, waste treatment, etc.

Our Expertise

ER2I designs the most appropriate Cleanrooms with regards to the Process based on the characteristics of the Project Owner’s equipment and processes (i.e. the input data).
The Project Owner’s input data and constraints are translated into TUM matrices (Tools and Utilities Matrix). This serves as the foundation for designing the technical program and quantifies the surfaces and room class as well as identifies the required utilities (e.g. thermal fluids, carrier gases, EDI, neutralization, etc.).
In parallel, we work to optimize the flow of personnel and Processes via the Cleanroom’s configuration and a carefully planned and precise layout for the equipment.

The technical tools:

  • Revit modelling: The virtual representation of what is going to be built allows us to test and analyze it in real time before starting construction.
  • CFD modelling: This tool enables us to better understand, predict and improve air flow in order to avoid any risk of pollution for the Wafer components in the process.


The organizational tools:

  • DESIGN OFFICE FOR ALL TRADES: Fluids (electricity, specialty fluids and HVAC), Building, Construction Economics and GENERAL CONTRACTING PARTY
  • BIM Manager
  • EDMS: Electronic document management system
  • Our teams operating in the field

Our Operations

Production Cleanroom in accordance with ISO3 to ISO8

  • ER2I Engineering designs and builds controlled atmosphere environments
    complying with the conditions of standard NF EN ISO 14644.
  • Cleanroom with temperature, humidity and dust control
  • Expertise in laminar flow
  • Integration of technical process specifications (ATEX – French acronym for equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres, ICPE classification – French acronym for facilities classified for environmental practices)
  • Management of product and personnel flow
  • Management of specific utilities (e.g. process gases and neutralization)

Research laboratories:

ER2I Engineering will work with you to design a controlled atmosphere laboratory that adapts your research space to your process.

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