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Industrial Development

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Industrial development

Through its association with IDEC, ER2I has become a global real estate stakeholder.

We have added investing to our business activities as a designer and builder.

We are involved in the entire life cycle of your project: site selection, financing, design, construction and qualifications.

We are Designer, Builder, Developer and Investor in New and Renovation Programs.

Defining your needs

With a thorough understanding of your needs and our expertise in the high-tech market, we are able to research, analyze and design the best solutions for your project.

Site Selection

Once we have fully understood your needs, we look for the land or real estate that would be suitable for your project.


Once we have identified the property or properties that would be suitable for your project, we conduct studies and any preparatory steps for you prior to the purchase. This includes a study of all the financial, legal and technical aspects of the project and feasibility studies.

Financing for buying or renting

Whatever your needs may be, we will be there to assist you in investing in your future building. So you can focus your resources on developing your business. We also offer to handle the rental side of the business.

Planning - Design - Construction

Our expertise enables us to define the needs, constraints, budget and schedule for your project. This is a key step in preparing for the design and construction phases.

Building Quality Certification

ER2I guarantees the quality of the project and that your requirements will be met.

We control all the stages

Defining your needs

Business insight

Property search

Feasibility study

Land Negotiation


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