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Numerical modeling

ER2i / Numerical modeling

Our BIM experience (Building Information Modeling)

Design capabilities and methods have evolved considerably with use of new software tools that pave the way for multiple modes of use.

Illustration BIM

Integration of techniques, fusion of capabilities in a single model: BIM paves the way for a real co-organized design in terms of architecture, structure, and mechanicals.

BIM is the fusion of basic data in a single model that feeds and drives all designs: Thermal and dynamic simulations, energy calculations, LEED certification, but also computational flow (CFD) or finite elements.

BIM is a transverse tool which evolves with the project and constantly follows its progression. This shared, maintained model is the basis for reflection at the beginning of the project and contributes to enriching the project throughout its duration by providing services that enhance the end-product in terms of:

  • Visual aspect
  • Integration of technology and/or process (convergent model)
  • Missions requiring synthesis
  • Space management
  • Maintenance management
  • Planning …



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We have been using BIM since 2012. Our staff is trained and now systematically uses our REVIT© tool in the upstream phases, during preliminary design phases and through construction and model updating.

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