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Pharma and Cosmetic


The pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors
are essential to ER2I Engineering’s business.

We have been operating in these sectors since the company was founded because they focus on values that are at the heart of what we do: scientific rigor, compliance and honoring commitments.

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Our experience

We handle a wide variety of projects including construction, layout and restructuring.

Our customers mainly request our services in sectors related to pharmaceutical production, cosmetics, biotechnology and medical devices.

We also work on infrastructures for the healthcare sector, hospitals and clinics, particularly on controlled atmosphere areas (e.g. technical facilities, operating rooms, dedicated areas for the immuno-compromised, containment rooms, MTI pharmatechnology areas, sterilization, etc.).

Our Expertise

In these sectors, we leverage our expertise in regulatory compliance issues and how our design principles may be affected which naturally concern users.

We assist our customers in the technical and regulatory aspects for ambitious and restrained projects: this includes defining what is essential, providing our certified expertise in technical aspects, determining what the user needs and handling critical utilities.

Our Operations

We operate on active sites, safeguard against production downtime, anticipate disruptions and intermittently monitor for contamination. With our expertise and experience, we can provide a technical and pragmatic solution to your constraints. We are able to provide optimized solutions across the entire spectrum of parenteral care.

The evolution of these sectors towards improved technological performance and economic relevance is a central issue for us.

We have the human and software expertise we need to fully understand the technical and regulatory conditions affecting compliance: flows, containment, protection at stations, controlled environments and qualifications.

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