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Public and private research laboratories

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Public and private research laboratories

The research laboratory sector is essential to our business. It covers an ever-increasing variety of problems and a wide range of technical constraints. With its multidisciplinary teams, ER2I Engineering is highly active in the laboratory sector and more generally in infrastructure and research platform projects. These are all projects in which the wide variety of problems enables us to leverage our level of integration and all our specializations in converging fields.

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Our Experience

The research laboratory sector is essential to our business. In this field, we encounter a wide range of technical issues and constraints. With our multidisciplinary teams, we operate in the laboratory sector and more generally in infrastructure and research platform projects.

Our Expertise

Finding success in these areas requires an understanding of what is needed: a research platform is often a unique asset. Through our approach to managing risks, the way we operate in the project phase, our experience and our expertise in environments and equipment, we are able to offer optimal solutions to our clients.

As a specialist in designing and building laboratories, ER2I Engineering designs projects that are adapted, designed and implemented based on your user constraints:

  • Layout plans based on laboratory requirements and in compliance with current standards
  • Layout specifically designed for each function that meets the requirements dictated by the type or activity
  • Precise specifications for laboratory furnishings
  • Optimized design using adapted containment devices (e.g. fume cupboards, fume hoods, microbiological safety stations, BAG, PSPN, etc.)
  • Integrates all technical and design disciplines to meet the objectives
  • Utilities are optimized by adapting operational methods, calculating the precise conditions for operation and the space occupied as well as determining the operational sequences for the equipment
  • Optimized construction and operational costs
  • Flexibility in terms of the areas and their utilities to adapt to changes in the laboratory areas
  • Appropriate safety devices and containment levels

The experience we have acquired through the numerous projects we have completed has enabled us to design and build adapted operational laboratories in these different fields.

Our Operations

Modern laboratories also need to be flexible and optimized to limit the energy impact of these facilities. We have solutions that are adapted to each type of laboratory.

  • Classic chemistry laboratories
  • Basic chemistry laboratories
  • Microbiological safety laboratories
  • Characterization laboratories
  • Quality control laboratories
  • Metrology laboratories
  • Laboratories with advanced optics (TEM, SEM)

“ER2I Engineering makes sure that you have the best options for the design, layout and construction of laboratories. Through our knowledge of laboratory types and your equipment, we can anticipate your constraints and thus ensure the performance, ergonomics, flexibility and safety of your facilities.”

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