Anticipate the challenges and  fine-tune the solutions


ER2i Engineering is active in the field of laboratories and more generally involved in infrastructure projects or research platform design.


In these fields, success relies on understanding the needs:
a research platform is often a unique asset. Thanks to our expertise and because we immerse ourselves in each project to evaluate the needs and risks, we are able to provide the optimal solution fulfilling required risk response and technological levels.

We make the most of our acquired transverse skills and put them to use in a wide variety of projects for health care, research, and in hazardous areas (ATEX zones, lasers, radioelements, biosafety laboratories… etc).


We have the teams, tools, and methods needed to provide the proper answer for a wide range of issues dealing with clean rooms, biosafety levels, containment, hygiene, disinfection, decontamination (materials, procedures, risk areas, aeraulics), explosion risk, and nuclear risk.