The Quality System – ER2i engineering consolidates its commitment


“Our company puts quality management and HSE at the heart of its business focus, making it so we can have a technically and economically competitive offer, maintain our lead in continuously evolving professions, manage risks cohesively throughout every step of the project, and guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.


ISO 9001-2015Marque ISO 9001 2015 avec COFRAC

We work with ISO 9001 :2015 certification.


 Our Quality System:

  • Is based on our procedures
  • Includes security and environment
  • Includes direction management
  • Is driven by the needs and expectations of our clients
  • Considers the various risks and opportunities
  • Is enforced using a quality assurance system


 Our objectives:

  • To stay in line as closely as possible with our clients’ expectations
  • To be hands-on in our procedures
  • To focus on continuous improvement


Internal goals:

  • To have an efficient team and organization.
  • To promote continuous improvement = Constant progress
  • To provide relevant offers.


External goals:

  • To present a recognized and visible high-quality image of our firm
  • To have satisfied customers
  • To have a company approach focused on continual innovation and development
  • To develop innovations for and in the company


At ER2i, we make HSE a priority in all our projects.


To ensure the quality service we provide to our clients, to protect people and their environment, we develop tools to handle the security and environment aspects of our work.

We integrate safety and environment protection into our Quality Management System.


Our objectives for Health, Safety and Environment protection are multiple:

  • To set up appropriate and regulatory HSE monitoring on our projects.
  • To significantly minimize the environmental impact (pollution) of construction sites and their impact on the people living in the vicinity (employees, residents, public spaces).
  • To ensure good working, health and safety conditions for workers on the construction site.
  • To respect the client premises, and to have clean and orderly spaces throughout the site supervision and completion.
  • Inform and involve the employees


Complementary materials, and policies carried out by an HSE manager:

  • Appropriate and verified PPE
  • Construction site safety booklet
  • HSE charter for subcontractors
  • Safety and environment signs
  • HSE manual
  • Ensuring compliance with the safety rules and regulations on site visits


Rigorous operational management


Our objectives:

  • To ensure the continuity of the quality and control in operational phases
  • To put emphasis on anticipating any needs or issues
  • To promote risk analysis
  • To enhance our experience in design with operational supervision
  • To closely supervise the implementation of our designs, and to adapt them as needed
  • To build on our methods through feedback and experience
  • To adapt our procedures to meet clients’ expectations
  • To ensure worker safety on construction sites and define and follow HSE implementation conditions